Visit the BWC



Visitor Requirements and Responsibilities
  1. To visit a phase one resident, you must be a spouse or family member. The relationship between the resident and family member and spouse must be verifiable and approved. Any exception will be at the discretion of the home director.
  2. Family members must also attend an orientation before a visit can take place.
  3. Only visitors on the resident’s approved visitor list will be allowed to visit the resident.
  4. Pastors and Mentors must be approved by a staff member and must also attend a visitor orientation.
When can phase one residents have visitors?
  1. Visitation starts only when the resident has completed the first 30 days of the program and is not currently on discipline.
  2. When all adult family visitors have been thru the visitor orientation.
Visitation hours and Duration for phase one residents

Visitation hours are every Sunday from 1:00pm to 5:00pm CST. Four hours of visitation time is given to visit the resident and time starts when the first family member(s) sign in at the office. It is okay to divide visitation time between family members. For example: 1 hour for mom and 1 hour for dad.
Remember this is a privilege and can be taken away as a result and any violation of our policies.  Approved visiting family members are invited to eat dinner with the residents from 5:00pm to 6:00pm.  (At BWC only)  This priveledge is not allowed if the resident has recieved any disciplinary action.

Visitation Requirements for Resident
  1. It is the resident’s responsibility to confirm and plan a visit with family one week in advance through either phone calls or mail. Visitation slip must be placed in bin on Sunday.
  2. Resident must place a written visitation request at least one week in advance for the approved visitor to be allowed in the home.
When you Arrive
  1. All visitors must first sign in at the Front Office before the resident can be seen. No other entrances are allowed. You must enter and exit through front office only.
  2. Visitors must check in all items brought to the home for the resident in with the Front Office.  Note- Depending on the availability of a staff member, items may not be processed until much later in the day or until the following Monday.
  3. Families may walk the grounds, Please be mindful of private residences on the property.
  4. There may not be any letters, mail or money passed between family and residents in any form.  All mail or letters must be received by the resident through the front office.
  5. Residents may not use cell phones at any time.
  6. Please do not bring any food of any kind to your visit.
  7. After the four hours of visitation time is up, all visitors must sign out in the Front Office. Visitors must only leave through the front office.  Residents are not allowed to be around visitors vehicles at any time for any reason.  They are not allowed to walk family members to their cars.