Phase Two (90)

ABOUNDING | "in the work of the Lord"

  • Training and equipping in leadership skills.
  • Actively seek and gain employment.
  • Help with job opportunities through work outsources and ministry contacts.
  • Training in career preparation
  • Training in personal finances through biblical stewardship curriculum.
  • Challenged in personal walk with the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Given opportunity to serve in leadership responsibilities at the center.
  • Given opportunity to disciple phase 1 men.
  • Given opportunity to take part in street evangelism.
  • Training in commitment and diligence to the Kingdom of God. 


Internship- Re-entry (up to six months)

After completing Phase II a graduate will have the opportunity to stay on with the BWC as an "Intern" building his skills to become full time staff with the ministry. 


  • Will be committed to full-time ministry at the BWC and will accept God’s call on their lives to serve, being loyal and dedicated to the ministry.
  • They will discuss their commitment with the Home Director as well as the Board and will demonstrate that commitment each day by serving at the BWC.
  • Will have the responsibility to (speak/preach/testify) as personal opportunities arise or on behalf of BWC as requested by the Home Directors.
  • All interns will report to and be directly responsible to the Home Directors.
  • Interns will be responsible for exercising proper fiscal responsibilities over their own finances and have the greatest integrity possible while being good stewards of all God entrusts to them.
  • Allow the interns to maintain the disciplines of the Christian life with accountability as an essential and with Christ as the focus of their lives