Phase One (90)


"steadfast & immovable"

  • Teach the residents about their Savior Jesus Christ, the Only One who has the power to free him from the bondage of sin, death, addiction, and oppression.
  • Establish the resident in the areas of his understanding, character, and discipline.
  • Give the resident the tools he needs to live victoriously the rest of his life.
  • Impart a Kingdom mindset to the resident.
  • Ground the resident in the discipleship process and ignite the resident to a lifestyle of service, worship, and evangelism.
  • Prepare the resident spiritually, emotionally, and financially for transition toward independence.
  • Assign the resident a mentor 
Requirements for Completion:
  • Complete 90 days worth of training in the home.
  • Memorize the mission statement and discipleship model.
  • Complete all of the core curriculum, including the scripture reading plan, scripture memory plan, book reports, lessons, and prayer journal.
  • Completed 12 one-on-one sessions with Certified Biblical Counselor.
  • Fulfilled any and all disciplinary requirements.