Staff & Leaders

Jeremy Roebuck / Director

 I grew up in a broken home with a mother who worked very hard to provide for us. By the time I reached my early teenage years I could pretty much do what I wanted due to my mother working evenings. I took full advantage of that. Ignoring school and responsibilities and that carried over to my adult life when marriage and children forced me to face reality and stop acting so selfish. that didnt last too long, I ended up divorced and distanced from my children and thats when things (I) completely got out of control. Alchohol and drugs were my focus and controlled my life. For 10 years I continued this distructive path then the day comes when my sister tells me about this ministry called the Biblical Wellnes Center. Never being a man of God or even attending church I was very reluctant to commit a year of my life I was so unfamiliar with. That was July of 2016. I have since surrendered my life to Christ and try my hardest to walk with him every step of every day. Nobody is perfect except for Christ himself, but when we do fall, we get up and he is there to forgive us as he always has and always will. 

Jeremy Lynch | Director

I grew up in a little town of Emporia,Virginia. By the age of 12 i was already doing drugs, drinking and selling drugs. This went on for more then 20 yrs.  I moved to Borger, TX in 2009 for a fresh start and my drug plus a bad drinking habit got worse. In november of 2010 i was married and my dad passed away less then a month later. By 2013 my marriage was done and my mom passed away. I lost everything. I became homelss and lived on the streets for about 2yrs.  A sister in Christ would not give up on talking to me about Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior and on June 14th 2015 living in Huber park i cried out to God and give my life to Him. Ever sence my life has completly changed. Ihave been on my first mission trip to London and now God has as a director in the Biblicalw Wellness Center.. This January 20th i will be three yrs sober. Jesus has work miricles in my life and all the Glory goes to Him.